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je suis a la recherche d'un poste de superviseur chantier ou ingénieur dans le domaine de forage pétrolier

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· Technical guidance
· Equipment designs
· Process improvements
· Data analysis
· Reporting

· Project coordination
· Budgeting and expense tracking
· Technical writer
· Strategic prioritization
· Team worker

· Master degree in drilling/production engineering (bac+ 7) from the Algerian Petroleum Institute march 2006

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Post-graduate Petroleum Engineer, with 13 years, oil and gas drilling experience. I have been involved in all aspects of well drilling operations including well planning and technical studies with significant amount of onshore supervision experience. Experienced in exploration and development fields, I have supervised drilling phases, run casings and cementing, directional drilling, Well logging and testing and had also a good training in well Control activities with a very big company....