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Engineer’s intern, AVIONAV TUNISIA Technician internship, PARENIN-Caterpillar TUNISIA Technician internship, RNTA (National Tobacco and Match Board) Tunisia Initiation’s intern, National Society of Tunisian Railways (SNCFT) Tunisia Initiation’s intern, Tunis Transport Company (STT)

Métier préparé

Engineer’s intern, AVIONAV TUNISIA

Etudes suivies

5 e année Major : Engineering studies in Electromechanical. - Specialty : mechatronics

Ecole : Private Superior School of Engineering and Technology (ESPRIT)-

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Période du stage

durée : 1 mounth

de : 2016-07-01 à : 2016-07-31

Extrait du cv

Electromechanical engineer student seeking an internship

I am highly interested in the electromechanical field. A field that never stopped enticing me and motivating me to dive in its depth striving for knowledge. Subsequently I’m seeking an internship electromechanically-based.

EDUCATION 2015 - 2019 Private Superior School of Engineering and Technology (ESPRIT)-Tunis-Tunisia
- Major : Engineering studies in Electromechanical. -Specialty : mechatronics.
2011 - 2015 Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies of El-Manar, IPEIEM, Tunisia.

Extrait de la lettre d'accompagnement

I am writing to submit my resume for the internship entitled

Actually, I'm in my last year of electromechanical engineering. Throughout this studies, I've developed my theoretical background knowledge alongside with professional aspect through trainings. And i believe this opportunity is the one I'm seeking for, since it focuses on conception , cnc project( 3D printer,mini drill ) a field that motivates me to work under its theme.

Throughout my...